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Seeking out an instant face lift for your property? From crisp clean white, to beautifully authentic woodgrain, You'll be sure to find the best fit styles and colours to suit your property. We'll remove all old rotting waste, & install brand new high performance products to your property, built to withstand all weathers. City Installations are registered FREEFOAM installers offering a whopping 50 year guarantee on all products!

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With a key role in the operation, fascia board plays a vital role in protecting your roof. Carrying both the soffits and the guttering, this vital componant runs around the perimetre of your property also protecting the bottom row of tiles seamlessly.. These attractive, low maintenance boards need to be robust & weather resistant, and our products are all of these things.

Facia Board
Soffit board


Perhaps the easiest component to distinguish, the guttering is a uPVC half pipe that is supported by the fascias and soffits. It acts as filtering system for any water or waste that lands on the roof of your home during adverse weather, filtering it away effectively.


Like many parts of your homes exterior, the soffits serves both an aesthetic and as a functional problem. Functionally, the basic job of the soffits is to protect the rafters from the elements. Keeping moisture away from the rafters reduces the chance of mold and helps preserve the life of the materials.

Guttering, round and square

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